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Bish whet

wait, so is she saying young white people pretend they’re black or whatever then grow up and turn white again? 

What she means is white people have the ability to exploit the “desirable”  traits of black culture. They can twerk, wear gold chains, appropriate black culture basically. BUT at the end of the they can go back to having all the advantages of being white. 

Example: Marky Mark- AKA Mark Wahlberg


and they can be ‘redeemed’ as that was just their wild/rebellious phase. now they’ve ‘grown up’ and ‘matured’

(Source: 17mul)


  • Abraham Lincoln never fought vampires or zombies 
  • Adolph Hitler was not machine gunned to death in a movie theater in Paris
  • Marty McFly did not invent Rock and Roll
  • Richard Nixon never dispatched Dr. Manhattan to end the Vietnam War

You never complained about these changes to history, so shut the fuck up about a black man playing a fictional spy, you idiotic, racist pricks. 

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